Thursday, January 12, 2006

Socks in the City

For this woolly story you need to "Pull your socks up", "Put a sock in it", and then let me "Knock your socks off" with some useful facts about our foot friends, and then cozy up for some ideas about what we can do with old socks. I assume pretty well everyone in North America has socks, but my apologies to anyone out there who actually does need a pair especially if you live in more Northern climes as I do... Full Story

Now, I could recite a whole lot of factoids and amazing information about the wonderful world of socks, but Dr. Joyce Smith Ph.D. and Norma Pitts have already put together an amazing fact sheet called Selecting Socks that is very professional, thorough, and chock-full of information. They discuss fiber content, construction, finishes, new technology and performance fabrics, types, and sock care. You would be hard pressed to improve upon the information provided in that article, and it would seem that the simple sock is yet another marvel of modern technology. You can even buy socks with anti-static and anti-bacterial finishes. Apparently the durable anti-bacterial agents in the fiber reduce bacterial growth and resulting odor, while withstanding repeated launderings (might be handy for sports enthusiasts). Next time we'll talk about some creative uses for old socks including the good old "Sock Puppet".

By the way, the origin for the expression "Put a sock in it" is said to come from the early Gramophones that had no volume control, and to play them more quietly you would put a sock into the trumpet. Who knows?

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