Sunday, January 01, 2006

Farewell Las Vegas II

"Winning isn't going to change your life. So don't bet so much that you can get hurt. If that's what betting is all about for you, wear dog tags so they know where to ship the body"
- Larry Merchant
The National Football Lottery (1973)

The following piece is a continuation of Farewell Las Vegas.

It doesn't always serve a purpose to air our private lives in public. Sometimes though, as a writer or journalist, there may be some value to others in sharing past experiences. For better or worse, the events I am going to relate did happen... Full Story

Despite these events, I have been fortunate enough to reach middle age healthy of mind, body, spirit, and "finances", with a wife I adore. I've reached this point despite the precarious path I once traveled, and some of the characters I rubbed elbows with. It is only now after abandoning that negative path, and with sober reflection on those events, that I can offer up a cautionary tale. I hope the reader finds it provocative, informative, and entertaining. Who knows? This story might act as a small beacon of light, and warning flag to someone presently caught in a web of financial, and gambling intrigue...

The Story continues here...
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