Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nothing Post

The problem I'm having here is somewhat pathetic, and embarassing, and no I'm not trying to mimic the old Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George try to hawk a TV show pilot for "A show about nothing". The problem is that despite all of the amazing things going on around me, and in the world right now I'm unable to follow through on any type of inspiration or spark to complete, and publish a post to this darn blog... Read On!

Now I can find any number of selfish excuses why this is the case (taking antibiotics, stubborn infection, working too hard, getting ticked off), but the simple answer may be that I have hit the first wall that separates the established bloggers from the also rans in the internet writing world. My initial enthusiam has slammed hard into the fist of DO YOU REALLY WANT TO WRITE WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND SOUL?, or is this just a whimsical little hobby that you will soon bypass for some beer, pretzels, and a good TV show, or something else that doesn't challenge the "stuff you're made of", as I believe writing conscientously does. Yes, this is a post about nothing, the nothing that is presently between my ears. It would be great to hear from others who have encountered writer's block in any of its tawdry forms, and overcome it. They may be able to inspire the rest of us still mired in the swamp of tired prose, weak analogies, dangling participles, poor sentence constructs, and generally uninspired writing. THE BLOG MUST GO ON!
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