Friday, October 28, 2005

Psychic Events

I know that the word occult has a bad connotation with many people, and it does stir up some sinister associations especially amongst those who may have a conservative religious philosophy. However, in the spirit of being open-minded there are many definitions, and descriptions of paranormal activity that simply fall under the category of unexplained phenomena... Read On!

I don't pretend to be well read, or even knowledgeable in these matters, and can only speak from personal experience. While these experiences have been infrequent, and unexpected they did leave a strong impression at the time. The most powerful feeling or sense of a spirit world, or alternate reality occurred in my life at the time of my fathers death. The details of these events are too personal to discuss in a public forum, but I could say that there was a strong sense of benevolent spirituality that manifested itself intermittently over a few days. The primary theme was an absolute conviction in the belief of an after life, and one that held hope and promise. It wouldn't be unfair to suggest that these feelings might have had a psychological basis rooted in the despair of losing a loved one, except that they became manifest in certain physical realities that convinced me otherwise. Great mystical, and religious leaders have described visions and experiences of extrasensory events, so these ideas are not foreign to major religions. I am sure many readers have experienced phenomena that they found difficult to explain on the basis of five senses only. Precognition or the sense of knowing a future event is often reported, and may relate to something trivial ("I just knew that you were going to visit me today"). Of course basic probability calculations would suggest that sheer coincidence could account for many happenings deemed precognitive, and we likely forget the many times we felt something would happen yet nothing transpired. I believe that in this new century scientists, and others will start to unravel these mysteries, and even discover plausible mechanisms to explain paranormal events. We should not fear, or deride these investigations, as the search for truth shouldn't diminish or threaten your religious, and spiritual beliefs whatever they may be.

Disclaimer: The reference to Psychic in the post title does not constitute an endorsement by the author for any commercial, or other psychic services. I do not use such services, and readers should make an independent decision as to whether these services have any value to them.

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