Sunday, October 30, 2005

Best Internet or Blogging Experience

What would you consider to be your best experience while using the internet, or keeping a web log? Does it involve a personal connection, business success, or technology accomplishment? My best experience with blogging occurred recently when I stumbled across a blog called "Journey of the Spirit"... Read On!

I had done a search looking for blogs that have spirituality has a theme, and the title of this one intrigued me. There were only a few posts to read on the blog, but these were true gems. Her last post was dated June 22, 2005. The writing was very honest, expressive, and open like the voice of a true seeker. I decided to leave a comment on one post saying to the writer that I felt she had a very genuine voice, and to please keep writing and posting as in my opinion her fairly new blog showed great promise. A few days later this person sent a kind e-mail thanking me for my encouraging words. She then decided to write, and publish a post called "Words of Encouragement" to her blog. On reading this post I was overwhelmed, and humbled by her beautiful response. She is certainly a kindred spirit in the Internet world. I hope others take some time to visit her blog named Journey of the Spirit, and enjoy the honesty of her prose.
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