Sunday, August 03, 2014

Led Zeppelin?

This Band was reviled by many when they debuted. Rolling Stone Magazine panned their first Album. Parents cringed when their teenaged sons blew out the family Stereo with Ramble On.
No matter, their Disciples knew that genius was lurking behind the wild riffs and soaring Robert Plant vocals. Jimmy Page is the undisputed Champion of Acoustic/Rock guitar, creating techniques that have yet to be equalled.
Sadly, after a twelve year run up to 1980 or so it was all but over. They lost their beloved ground breaking Drummer John Bonham to Vodka poisoning in 1980, and essentially disbanded, except for a few sporadic performances since.
Their body of work is still relevant today, and music evolution since the Seventies has revealed the true genius behind their songs. 
Find and play a few Led Zeppelin tunes. It may open up your own creative soul beyond the music.