Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guest Author Invitation

Do you have an unpublished article or story kicking around? Perhaps a theme that doesn't quite fit your website? In an effort to encourage fellow authors Seasons Under The Sun would like to publish your story here.

The story can be on a topic of your choice, and you can include photos too. Of course you'll retain sole copyright to the article, and you're free to publish it on your own site as well. We won't censor any submissions, but will simply publish the first few reviewed stories that we like. This is a standing invitation to submit an article with no deadline. The stories will be published on the day of approval, and will link to your site. Each story will be on the main page as the most recent top post for at least two days, and will be permanently archived at this site as well unless you prefer otherwise. This should be a Win/Win proposition, and may have special appeal for novice bloggers trying to get established, or writers who may not have a website or blog to publish at. We look forward to reading your posts!

Please send your submissions by e-mail here: Let's hear from you!
You may also leave your article or story to be reviewed as a comment on this post if you prefer (the comment will remain as part of the post unless you would like it removed once the story has been reviewed).
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