Monday, October 01, 2012

Get your Speed out!

We just returned from Vegas. It was actually a relaxing vacation this time. Unlike prior past trips, I actually slept well. The key is to pace yourself. No all night gambling sessions, and not over doing the dining and drinking. We saw the Cirque du Soleil Beatles show "Love" at the Mirage and it's spectacular. The Strip always seemed to be packed with tourists, but it's easy to find alternate walking routes through the shops and casinos. The most exciting activity for me on this trip was a visit to Exotics Racing School at the Las Vegas Speedway where I drove five laps in a Ferrari 430 Scuderia accompanied by a professional driver who guides you through the track. This is a top notch facility that's run by courteous and safety conscious staff ensuring a fantastic experience. You can run the cars past 100 mph on the straightways, and the cornering is a blast. This is something I plan on doing again, as there are few opportunities for such an experience in my neck of the woods - short of buying a Ferrari myself. My wife and I had cooled to the idea of returning to Vegas again, but the City still has some pleasant surprises, with many more hotel and casino venues built since our last trip in 2003. My wife says the shopping in Vegas has improved a lot too, and the Visa statement will back her up on that one! Not too many Elvis sightings anymore, and you have to dig around to find a good Rat Pack show, but Vegas still shines for entertainment.
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