Monday, January 30, 2012

Road Raging

Are you a Road Rager?
Some disturbing aspects of driving that many of us overlook would be lethal or disabling accidents, pollution, and rampant burning of fossil fuels.  However, something that anyone who drives is likely to encounter regularly would be rude, selfish, and occasional psychotic behavior from other drivers. Unfortunately we may be as likely to dish out the rudeness while driving as we are to receive it. Obvious explanations for this rash behavior are often cited - such as the impersonal reality of commuting anonymously along side other strangers in their vehicles, and instinctive responses to perceived physical threats ( the *#$!!# idiot who just cut you off) etc. However, these explanations or excuses do not address the core problem with selfish, angry driving, and that is a basic lack of respect for your fellow humans on the road. Driving courteously, without getting angry, and respecting the rules of the road could be one of the greatest personal, and spiritual challenges that an individual could set for themselves. Instead of arriving at our driving destinations exhausted, frustrated, and angry we could finish our road trips refreshed in the knowledge that we did not react to other drivers' boorish behavior, and we may have actually put a smile on someone's face by letting them into our lane. It's likely that drivers could add years to their lives, and enjoy better health by staying calm and courteous in traffic. The road ragers are on a self destructive path that unfortunately may injure others as well. We can't control others, but we can be responsible for our own behavior, and since driving is often the most dangerous activity on our daily schedule why don't we start there? The idea of using a
SORRY sign to appease a potential road rager doesn't appeal to me, but it may have some merit as well.

Here is an excellent discussion on dealing with stress and pressure in the vehicle.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tomorrow Lives

Tomorrow: Do something you've never done before.

Tomorrow: Make friends with someone.

Tomorrow: Come to terms with an enemy.

Tomorrow: Start a new life path.

Tomorrow: Kiss someone you love.

Tomorrow: Exercise your body.

Tomorrow: Don't worry about the past or the future.

Tomorrow: Invent something.

Tomorrow: Be yourself.

Tomorrow: Is whatever you want it to be.

Have a great day!

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