Monday, June 27, 2011

Clothing For a Digital World

There's a quiet revolution happening in the world of Clothing Technology, and when these innovations become mainstream there'll be another cultural shift that's again rooted in digital invention. This in conjunction with new fabrics and manufacturing techniques will allow for highly personalized and functional clothing for various occupations, sports, and other day to day activities.

Fabrics are being developed that are more indestructible, impenetrable, temperature, uv, and radiation resistant, and digital capable. Smart Shirts have already been created that can monitor body temperate, heart and repiratory rates, or immediately identify the location of a bullet wound - soldiers, patients, and athletes would be the obvious beneficiaries of such technology. Invisibility or cloaking suits have already been invented with varying degrees of success as illustrated by the work of Berkeley Scientists.

A shirt with embedded voice activation, GPS, mapping and communications technologies could provide wearers with queried or directed information about their environment similar to present day smart phone apps.

Fashion ideas will likely reflect this digital shift in clothing function, and perhaps many of us will one day wear a Tron Legacy type outfit that reflects function and fashion, and looks good on a light cycle...