Sunday, November 02, 2008

A President for the Century

The upcoming American Presidential election will be the most significant turning point in recent history. The United States can choose to look back and succumb to irrational fear, or choose a new path and future with an inspirational leader. Barack Obama wants to restore faith in America at home and abroad. He wants to be an agent of positive change for Americans and the world at large.

He's not a perfect man, and he won't be a perfect President as he readily admits, but he'll always try and do the right thing. That's the way he was raised, and his Senate record speaks for itself.

His economic and taxation plans may need some tweaking. His foreign policy beliefs especially as they concern Afghanistan may need adjustments. His energy policies may not be totally realistic. These should not be deal breakers for voters. You can feel it in your heart and soul. This man is what America and the world needs now. The politics of division and fear have had their day. We can't blame the present Administration for all of the world's woes, but they certainly fanned the flames of war and economic despair. Why would you continue with the status quo of a John McCain?

One man's opinion from the Great White North.

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