Sunday, June 29, 2008


Are you a fan of

It's a clever site with special emphasis on advice for tweaking software apps and information technology - all in an effort to get you more organized in today's complex world of data overload. You can find a myriad of tips to tweak your e-mail settings, perform superior google searches, get in on early beta applications, incorporate widgets, and recommendations for a gazillion firefox extensions.

All of this raises the question:
Are we trying too hard to organize Chaos by using too many programmable devices and software applications? Some of us are spending more time organizing and tweaking when we should be deleting. Lifehack No. 1: Delete any technology or activity that doesn't enhance YOUR life.

For example, If you have paper, web based, cell phone, and PC versions of your TO DO list - YOU are over organized, and I'm willing to bet none of those lists are synchronized. Of course the technology is out there to do that, and you can spend a few more unproductive hours trying to synchronize your lists to all of your devices. Hmmm... using only one paper TO DO list is sounding even better. Then you might have the time to actually do something that's on the list.

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