Sunday, November 02, 2008

A President for the Century

The upcoming American Presidential election will be the most significant turning point in recent history. The United States can choose to look back and succumb to irrational fear, or choose a new path and future with an inspirational leader. Barack Obama wants to restore faith in America at home and abroad. He wants to be an agent of positive change for Americans and the world at large.

He's not a perfect man, and he won't be a perfect President as he readily admits, but he'll always try and do the right thing. That's the way he was raised, and his Senate record speaks for itself.

His economic and taxation plans may need some tweaking. His foreign policy beliefs especially as they concern Afghanistan may need adjustments. His energy policies may not be totally realistic. These should not be deal breakers for voters. You can feel it in your heart and soul. This man is what America and the world needs now. The politics of division and fear have had their day. We can't blame the present Administration for all of the world's woes, but they certainly fanned the flames of war and economic despair. Why would you continue with the status quo of a John McCain?

One man's opinion from the Great White North.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Vegas High Roller Suite

A few years ago my wife and I stayed in some large, complimentary, luxury suites at the Paris Hotel courtesy of our "Old Style Vegas" casino host - lavish digs despite the fact I'd only been a moderate high roller. There are huge decked out suites available for the "whales" or million dollar gamblers with wrap around views of the strip and every amenity, but that would have been too much for us anyway. Our Vegas days are likely over for various reasons, and this has been chronicled in prior posts on this site, however it occurred to me that a few readers might be interested in seeing what the inside of a "High Roller Suite" looks like. This Suite had multiple rooms, and was lavishly appointed with a fantastic view of the pool area. Of course when you're a gambler you don't spend much time in your hotel room anyway - kind of a shame in this case.


The author is not presently involved in any gambling activities, and this site is not intended to promote such activities. The author has no direct or indirect financial interest in any gaming sites or casinos, either as a participant, employee, or owner.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Are you a fan of

It's a clever site with special emphasis on advice for tweaking software apps and information technology - all in an effort to get you more organized in today's complex world of data overload. You can find a myriad of tips to tweak your e-mail settings, perform superior google searches, get in on early beta applications, incorporate widgets, and recommendations for a gazillion firefox extensions.

All of this raises the question:
Are we trying too hard to organize Chaos by using too many programmable devices and software applications? Some of us are spending more time organizing and tweaking when we should be deleting. Lifehack No. 1: Delete any technology or activity that doesn't enhance YOUR life.

For example, If you have paper, web based, cell phone, and PC versions of your TO DO list - YOU are over organized, and I'm willing to bet none of those lists are synchronized. Of course the technology is out there to do that, and you can spend a few more unproductive hours trying to synchronize your lists to all of your devices. Hmmm... using only one paper TO DO list is sounding even better. Then you might have the time to actually do something that's on the list.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Miracle Mood Drug!

Have you heard of Wonderifinol?

It's a new drug developed and manufactured by Nofartis that will revolutionize the treatment of mood disorders. Forget about psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psychiatrists, counsellors and parole officers. You will be able to rid yourself of all negative thoughts, bad behavior, depression, and dysfunctional moods once and for all - and the price is cheap compared to a Starbuck's coffee addiction. It comes in red and blue pills. Either color works just as well, and you only need to take one pill every year. Double blind studies demonstrated far superior mood enhancement for those on the new medication as opposed to the placebo control group who underwent an intensive regime of optimized sleep, nutrition and exercise.

There are a few side effects and possible complications to consider though:

  • May cause excessive hair growth on the tongue and buttock regions.
  • Can increase the risk of terminal euphoria.
  • Should be used with caution by those who obtain secondary gain from their dysfunctional personality.
  • Those men who experience an erection longer than five minutes should seek immediate medical attention (less potent than Viagra).
  • Extreme euphoria can be associated with excessive risk taking or a sudden interest in extreme sports.
  • Gradual increase in sphincter tone may lead to constipation.

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    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Utopian Dreams

    What is the ideal Society? That question brings forth a wide range of opinions, philosophies, proposals, values, and biased suggestions that are often in conflict with each other. My Utopian world may be your dystopian nightmare, just as one man's hell is anothers heaven. These considerations shouldn't stop like minded individuals from trying to create their own enlightened community, but where does a Utopia end and a Cult begin?

    In terms of creating a Utopian city there is always the danger of such cities becoming isolated and out of sync with mainstream culture as it exists within a larger nation. This view might describe Arcosanti - envisioned as an ecologically friendly "desert utopia". It was constructed an hour North of Phoenix in the Seventies by Italian architect Paolo Soleri. It's now home to fewer than a hundred people, and despite ongoing efforts to sustain the site it's in danger of becoming a stalled or failed Utopian dream, bereft of finances, and catering to Eco-tourists and Artists as a means of staying afloat. Perhaps it's the Artists keeping this Utopian vision alive.

    In this digital age how can we discuss any Utopian concepts without including the rise of Virtual reality or Virtual societies accessible via the Internet such as Second Life? The ability to create alter egos or personal Avatars that can thrive and interact within a virtual world might be considered a Utopian pursuit by those residents. In Second Life you can create your own appearance, earn a living, design a living space, and participate in many activities that emulate the real world. All of this happens within a virtual economy based on a currency called the Linden that has an actual exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. Perhaps this is a Utopia by proxy - individuals who consider their real lives to be unfulfilled and boring can pursue glamorous new hopes and dreams with a new identity in a parallel metaverse simply by logging in to their world of choice.

    Perhaps seeking a Utopia in the outer world by attempting to create a new society or participating in a virtual one without self awareness are ultimately futile pursuits, and we would be better served by searching for an inner harmony or wisdom that can nourish and enlighten us even in harsh environments. The enduring success of any Utopian vision may ultimately depend on the enlightenment and inner consciousness of its citizens, and not the social principles or technology that define it.


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    Monday, January 21, 2008

    Stock Market Madness

    The Stock Market will CRASH tomorrow. After today's carnage on the global markets stock futures for the S&P and Dow indicate that the major indices will open significantly lower. This scenario of panic selling in the face of some economic woes, and disrupted financial liquidity has been played out many times over decades of investing, and could well signify the beginning of a Bear market. However, history also tells us that such selling in the face of bad news and impending recession is often over done. Institutions and fund managers will unload shares indiscriminately to appease clients. Leveraged share owners will have to cover their margin calls by dumping shares for quick cash. Conservative investors or those near retirement will exit the market in fear of the coming financial apocalypse. In the short term their actions will be deemed sensible, and may save them further short term losses. Looking farther out - even a few months out, the markets could well prove them wrong.

    The U.S. may experience a mild recession, but the economy is still fundamentally strong. The subprime debacle is deep, and still unfolding, but it's really only a big wave compared to the ocean of global bank assets and resources. Productivity, or the value of goods relative to manufacturing resources required to make them is high. Real inflation beyond oil and gas prices is manageable. Price/earnings ratios, projected earnings for 2008, and the fundamentals of many stock valuations are still strong and those stocks are now cheaper to buy with the recent big declines. If you have some courage, and stay invested in the fundamentally sound companies you will be rewarded.

    I am not a financial expert, just a seasoned individual investor who has stayed invested through all of the market gyrations, even through the crash of 1987. In retrospect I was right to stay invested, but I regret not having more conviction, and investing in some of the bargain stocks that these large pull backs create. I plan to have the conviction this time, and expect that the next few weeks will provide some buying opportunities.

    As for tomorrow, hold on tight if you have U.S. stock holdings, but don't panic. I will even go out on a limb here, and predict that the Dow will be up for the week by next Friday. At some point the fear will subside. The short sellers will cash in and buy back their stocks. Bargain hunters will wade into the market. The Federal Reserve will slash interest rates to stimulate liquidity, and there will be positive earnings reports from companies.

    Who knows? The Dow may even find positive territory by the end of Tuesdays trading. Not that it matters, it's the long term that counts. Financial markets will be stronger by the end of 2008, but the bears may linger for a while early in the year. The apocalypse pundits will ultimately be wrong again.

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