Friday, May 04, 2007

Wine and Country

What's an excellent way to expand appreciation for your favorite varietal wines? Try sampling them from across different regions, geographies, countries and continents. By doing so, you will discover a world of subtle complexity in drinking varietals, since they derive some unique characteristics based on their geographic locale. Various Shiraz wines from across the globe fit this bill nicely. For example Shiraz wines from Australia and California tend to exhibit more potent fruit flavors as compared to those from the Northern Rhone. There are many other different tasting qualities based on climate and geography that all fall under the Shiraz(also known as Syrah) dominion.

The Reserve 2004 from Banrock Station is an Australian Shiraz we recently enjoyed, and their own description of Banrock Shiraz sums it up nicely:

"Vibrant purple with deep red hues, this wine epitomises the depth of colour and flavour Australian Shiraz's are renowned for. Aromas of black currant, cherry and spicy oak precede a soft and supple palate. Fresh fruit characters of cherry and red berry fruits are balanced by licorice and tantalising chocolate flavours. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla and oak add complexity to this exceptional wine."

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