Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Ultimate Shave

This will be the final word on shaving methods from Seasons Under The Sun. After all, there are more important health and hygiene issues out there. I had no intention of writing another shaving article, but sometimes a coincidental little event in life can cause a significant shift in our opinion. In this case it was the free Gillette Fusion razor that arrived in my mail box out of the blue a few weeks ago. This may be a brilliant marketing ploy by Gillette - if you like the razor you will keep buying the blades, and in this case they have made a revolutionary razor. Lest you accuse me of resorting to shameless corporate plugs, or of being a shill for Gillette, let me assure you that I have no affiliation with any product manufacturers. I will only recommend products that I use, and only those that have proven value to me.

The Gillette Fusion is simply a great razor. It has five tightly spaced, separate blades on one side, and another trimming blade on the other. It's also available in a power model with a micro-chip that regulates the voltage and blade action. Other high-tech features include a low battery indicator light and a safety switch that shuts the razor down after eight minutes of continuous operation.

I received only a few very minor inconspicuous nicks using this razor - from the very first shave with sharp blades, and through many subsequent shaves. It also works great using only a small amount of shaving cream for lubrication, and the shave is very close to the skin. My faith in razor shaving has been restored, so thumbs up to the new Gillette Fusion Razor!

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