Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shaving Update

This should be a final installment about the vagaries of trying to obtain a quick and easy trauma free shave. In a prior post entitled "Razor Blade Rules" I expressed some skepticism regarding razor blade technology and discussed some methods to reduce nicks while shaving with a blade. It then occurred to me that shaving cream might be a culprit as well, and I had some success shaving without it while keeping my face and the razor blade completely wet. This method was described in "Why Use Shaving Cream?". Although shaving without cream did work fairly well, I began to experience some skin irritation around the neck region, and this prompted me to try other shaving methods yet again. I've finally settled on a combination technique using an old electric shaver to remove most of the facial hair, followed by a razor blade shave with a dollop of shaving cream. Removing most of the hair with an electric razor is quick and allows for an easy, fast and close finishing shave with the blade. Of course this means a humble retraction of my prior stance against the use of shaving cream, but the compromise is using only a small amount to aid lubrication. I'm still convinced that using too much shaving cream can increase the risk of nicking your skin during a shave. Happy shaving everyone!

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