Monday, August 14, 2006

Speaking Soprano

It's true, I happen to like watching the Sopranos along with a few other million fans. I'll admit that it's a guilty pleasure considering how often the show depicts the worst in human nature - portraying graphic scenes of violence and other sordid activities. Not to mention that most of us would consider organized crime a blight on society. The show seduces its fans with tremendous acting talent, clever plot lines, and great production skills. Viewers are compelled to believe that they are watching the reality of a mafia family - who seem to have the same problems and issues as the rest of us. The frustrated Joe viewer can live vicariously watching Tony take out a malcontent, or seeing him punch out his bartender for making a silly comment - behavior that would never be tolerated in most circles even though we might occasionally fantasize about acting out vengeful thoughts.

It's difficult to speculate what kind of negative or positive spin off effects watching the Sopranos might have on viewers and society in general, but there is one influence of the show that I do suspect. Has anyone else noticed the number of F-Bombs that bombard many conversations these days? Yuppies, professionals, blue collar, white collar, men, and women all peppering their talk with the F-Word. Yes, I too am guilty of this to some extent, and I blame it on the Sopranos. For those who happen to watch it, the show gives the F-word a kind of cachet, and celebrity status - like you really mean business, and people should damn well listen to what you're saying if you sprinkle a few *ucks into the conversation. This can't be a good thing for the English language or your spirit, so from now on I am going to do my damnedest never to use an F-bomb again! Wish me luck - I don't think it'll be easy, at least not until that last Sopranos episode has aired.

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