Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nuke Pluto

Pluto? It's probably too far away to "nuke", but that might end the controversy. Why do we care whether it's a planet or some useless piece of asteroid floating around the edge of our solar system? Just because a few astronomers are getting all hot and sweaty over the Pluto controversy does it have to be plastered all over the net like some kind of space virus. It's not as if we don't have enough things going down on planet Earth to worry about - wars, famine, pestilence, pollution - real issues that require serious attention. How about Mars? We don't hear much about Mars these days. At least there might have been life on Mars, and a few NASA types are talking about Terraforming the planet in a few decades. That way when Earth is no longer habitable we can re-populate the Red planet, and start the whole damn thing all over again. I say more Mars less Pluto - how about you?

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