Friday, February 10, 2006

Get Gretzky's Gold?

Are American judicial authorities so desperate to restore Olympic hockey gold medal pride that they would resort to smearing the name of Canada's greatest sports hero Wayne Gretzky
on the eve of the Winter Olympics? Isn't it a cynical and transparent ploy to release wire tap documents, and other innuendo for the media feeding frenzy in a vague effort to link the Great One to an organized crime gambling ring? Could it be an attempt to create enough distraction and emotional turmoil in Gretzky's life such that his upcoming Olympic efforts as Executive director for team Canada are undermined? In that event, player morale could be sabotaged to the point of losing the gold medal or not even reaching the podium. Why couldn't the authorities have waited until soon after the Olympics to release these damaging allegations, especially those that might concern Gretzky or his wife if he likely had no direct involvement or liability as compared to his associate coach Tocchet? Perhaps there is another sinister side to the timing of these news releases that the general public will never know...

News commentary by your paranoid Canuck hack reporter on the spot in Hockeyville Canada,

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