Friday, January 06, 2006

A New Novella

The first three chapters of my Novella in progress are finished, and are available to read here as the most recent posts prior to this one. The Novella itself will be published in book form on a separate site, and new chapters will only be published there in the future. There is a link to the Novella site on the side bar. Seasons Under The Sun will now return to business as usual, and that is to publish provocative material of varied nature with a little humor thrown in along the way.

The Novella story is a true life account of my days as a gambler, and high roller in Vegas. Those days subsequently led to high risk bets in financial markets, and a nasty turn of fortune. They were exciting, and fun times too, as I rubbed elbows with some interesting characters to say the least. Although in the end it is a cautionary tale, I hope you find the story compelling. It may have some resonance in your own life as well, and I welcome any feedback. What is your opinion of the gambling life, or the boom, and rapid growth of gaming across the country? I have come to my own conclusions, but gambling is a personal decision, and its impact on people is quite variable. You will now see a few ads on this site about gambling, although I have filtered some. You will also see ads related to gambling problems, or addictions. For better or worse these ads reflect the story content, and as always it is entirely up to the reader to decide in a reasoned fashion whether the ads are of any interest, or value to them.

Disclaimer: The author is not presently involved in any gambling activities, and this site is not intended to promote such activities. The author has no direct financial interest in gaming sites or casinos, either as a participant, employee, or owner.
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