Monday, January 09, 2006

Confession Time

This post is part of a Meme with tags to other sites in case you would like to visit them, and see what others have "confessed" to. I was tagged by Jeffrey who was tagged by Luka, and so on. Not everyone is a fan of memes, so if you dislike them then please read the rest of my posts on this blog for a "meme free" experience :-). After this I will no longer be a meme virgin, although it might take another fifty posts or so before I get on another meme train!

  • I confess... that I don't like confessing too much.
  • I confess... that I have never confessed to a priest.
  • I confess... that I am an espresso addict.
  • I confess... that I am not a fan of Paris Hilton, but Angelina Jolie is OK.
  • I confess... that my wife is the most beautiful woman on earth... Really!
  • I confess... that I like to kiss my cat.
  • I confess... that I love a good bottle of red wine.
  • I confess... that I am envious of those who own a domain name.
  • I confess... that once you start confessing it's hard to stop!
I am now asking for volunteers who read this blog to keep the meme alive, otherwise I will have to start tagging, although I may be breaking meme protocol by not tagging anyone in this post. Tags: , , ,
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