Thursday, October 06, 2005

Karaoke Krazy

Apparently there has been a recent upsurge in the sale of Karaoke machines across North America. It would seem that much of this is attributable to the ever popular American Idol television show, and that is likely true, but one can't overlook the availability of many new and cheap Karaoke machines of reasonable quality that make it easy to try your vocal skills. The new machines have better sound quality, and utilize a variety of media formats including graphic CDs, and DVDs that will display the song words on a built in monitor or television screen. Computers can be rigged up as Karaoke machines, and there are games such as Karaoke Revolution for PlayStation 2 that score a player based on their pitch, rhythm, and timing. So for those of us who only sing in the shower, and secretly believe they could perform well in public if given half a chance it may be time to give Karaoke a try. I tried it recently, and while belting out a particularly high note our cat looked at me wide eyed with ears back, and then shot out of the room in terror. Every ones a critic I guess. SUTS would like to hear about your adventures in Karaoke, and any tips for beginners would be great!

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