Friday, September 09, 2005

Next Blog

I have now visited hundreds of other blogs in land using the next blog icon on the navigation bar while leaving a few comments here and there. It has been an interesting journey and I thought I'd share a few observations. It doesn't take long to notice that the original templates are radically altered on some blogs by masterful manipulation of the HTML code. This is often associated with a very artistic looking blog, and some fine art work. Unfortunately some of these blogs are difficult to decipher, and some are associated with annoying pop ups, malicious code, and even viruses (although they were detected, and cleaned by my anti-viral software). Some use an annoying fade in or fade out feature when you click Next Blog delaying your arrival at the next site. There is a whole subset of these blogs with cartoon characters, radically altered templates, and strange love sick messages strewn across the page (expressing myself as an aging boomer here). A lot of these blogs seem to be loaded with style, but lacking in substance. There are many heart felt, diary, like blogs about family, children, babies, jobs, and hobbies. A lot of these blogs seem real, and despite the sentimental ramblings in some they often make for good reading. The X-rated blogs were few and far between on my journey, and I was thankful for that. Unfortunately the spamming type blogs came up a little too frequently, and you'd think there would be better ways to sell something. Of course I found a few inspirational posts strewn along the way in my Blog journey, and as for my own blog, let's just say that it's a work in progress.
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