Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lost in the nether reaches of Cyberspace publishing

This blog still needs to find a unique voice. At this point none of the posts are really connected to each other, although they might interest readers as individual articles. As a relatively new blog the site traffic, and comment numbers are quite low. The advertisements on this blog are really out of proportion to the readership numbers at this point, and I question the decision to stay with advertising on this blog. Blogging as a commercial enterprise is not really the point for me, and it should be secondary to the integrity of posts, but if the advertisements mainly reflect the content of posts then I think that is a fair, symbiotic relationship that adds value, and interest for the reader. I am committed to publishing a blog that has value, and interest for readers, and anticipate that the present seed blog will morph or mutate into a publication that is responsive to readers opinions and comments. I welcome all feedback both positive, and negative as this blog continues to grow. Please visit from time to time as the blog journey continues.
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