Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hybrid of computer and human generated prose

Most of the words, grammar, and syntax in the following paragraph have been computer generated with a little human editing thrown in. This creates a kind of cyborg language that might stimulate many creative pathways in our writing endeavors whether they be fiction or non-fiction. It seems to demonstrate that communication can sometimes be effective even when conventional grammatical rules are not followed. There is a whole world of synthetic language out there, and with the advent of greater advances in artificial intelligence we are beginning to confront the implications of this. One day machine code might articulate our deepest emotions as the following paragraph hints at.


Everything to know about Technological Impact on Everyday Lives. Sometimes I wonder if there is more to life than to struggle to be the best or to simply struggle to find oneself? Why am I talking about Technological Impact on Everyday Lives, you probably wonder?... Well, when the grass was still green, and the sky still blue I was totally into music. Lucky me, huh? In a nut-shell: But something wasn't right. I saw an image of the X-Files again and again . Which would be nothing special, but my eyes were opened to a new reality, and I began to hear the music again.

If you would like to explore some of these ideas further one place to start would be the Blog-O-Matic site where you can obtain random, dynamically generated blog posts.
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