Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Forty Year Old Virgin

The title of this movie suggests that there might be something unique or unusual about someone being a forty year old virgin. Now I can't say that I definitely know any male virgins who are forty or older, but I suspect that their numbers are greater than one might think. There are more than a few male bachelors who reach their forties without tying the proverbial knot, and surely some of them are still virgins. The movie itself, despite some good laughs, suggests that anyone who is still a virgin at forty is more than a little quirky and eccentric. Wait a minute! When you stop and think for a moment about some of the bad scenarios associated with sexual activity such as disease, unwanted pregnancy, impotency, awkward morning exits, addiction, and self esteem issues, then maybe abstinence isn't such an odd idea. It's too late for most of us, but if you happen to know a forty year old male virgin just leave the poor guy alone! He's probably a priest anyway.

For those of you who might be interested in pursuing some information on abstinence, there is help out there. A word of advice though. Never, ever, ever have your chest hair waxed and removed.

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