Monday, August 22, 2005

Blog Rant

OK. I admit it. I need help. This blogging thing is beginning to tick me off. Having the patience of a gnat doesn't help as I wait for the comments and page clicks to roll in. I don't want to admit that I am a newbie. These posts are all over the place I know. So come on! Somebody out there in Blog land help me. Please! I will humbly consider any advice. Leave a comment or two. Post to my blog if that is possible. Leave me a link to your blog. I'll go there I promise. Let's do reciprocal blog rolls (sounds kinky). God forbid I might even learn the mighty HTML code. I am getting desperate for contact. I didn't think isolation, and desolation existed on the web, but here it is on my own damn *%%!#%* blog site. Fellow bloggers have mercy, and leave me a sign that someone is out there. I know, suck it up, stop wallowing in self pity, take action. I will, I really will, but pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase heeeeellllllppppppp now!
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